Student Work Distribution Permission

U.S. Copyright Law (17 USC, Sec. 106) provides copyright protection for any work by an author, including distributing students’ papers and/or projects without permission.

FERPA (Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act, 34 CFR Part 99) prevents an institution from disclosing or publishing a student’s written examination or paper without prior written consent.

Instructors must request written permission from the student author prior to distributing student work, including posting to a website or course reserves, including in a teaching portfolio, or sharing in a class. Please have the student fill out this form before distributing a student’s work.  If the paper/project has multiple authors, a permission form is required for each student.

I, _________________________________, hereby give permission for

                            (print name of student)

_______________________________ to distribute my paper/project titled

(print name of instructor)

_______________________________________________________ on:

                             (print name of paper or project)

               ___x_ Publicly available website at (print URL or name)

__x___ Course management system, such as Canvas

__x___ Electronic course reserves

___x__ Teaching Portfolio

My paper/project may be made available for the following length of time:

___ one semester

___ one academic year

_x_ indefinitely 

My name may ____ or may not ____ be included on the paper/project.

I retain all copyright in my paper/project, including the right to use all or part of this paper/project in the future.  

I will identify any copyrighted content I did not create and which is not a fair use so that my paper/project may be properly restricted to distribution only within the Emory community. 

Signed:  _____________________________              Date: _________________________

Note:  Faculty members should retain this completed form for the time period that the student’s work is distributed.  If submitting student’s paper/project for electronic reserves, please include this form with the request.