This I Believe Draft Workshop Peer Evaluation

Your partner will read his/her speech draft aloud to you. Read along on the typed version as it it is read. Use the questions below to guide your discussion. Have a conversation. Support your partner’s future revision and be sure and let him/her know what is going well in the speech!

Essay Written By:  ______________________________________________________________

Listener and Responder:   ________________________________________________________

  1. What are the best parts of this draft so far?
  • What ways does the writer find to connect these bits and pieces together? Can you imagine any other ways that might complement what is already there?
  • Does everything hang together in this essay? Suggest how to edit if it does not.
  • Does the writer get into and out of the essay well? Can you imagine anything that might help the reader get into and out of the essay?
  • Discuss with each other how the essay read—does a listener get it and does it feel like a whole piece?

Give this sheet with your comments back to the writer. All workshop sheets need to be saved and turned in with your essay when it is time to hand it in for evaluation. DON’T THROW THIS AWAY! Begin working on revising and editing your essay!