Essay by <Name Withheld>

Wilbraham & Monson Academy by bunkosquad, Creative Commons

I believe in patience. Our lives are full of ups and downs. There are sometimes when things go well, and there are sometimes when we feel like the entire world is against us. Challenges can be as trivial as choosing a dinner menu, and some challenges can feel like a big mountain. However, all we need is patience no matter how big the challenge is.

I learned how important patience is when I started trading stocks in high school. The stock market is never stable; there are big and small fluctuate ons just like our lives. When I first bought a share of stock, it started crashing. I got a little nervous and asked my dad, “Should I sell it?” He told me to hold on to it and see what happens. A few months later, when I checked the account, I was surprised. The share I bought had recovered, and it was making some profit. This was when I learned how important patience was and how a little more patience can entirely change the outcome. If I sold the stock when I was nervous, I would have lost some money on the investment. However, because I was patient, I was able to make some profits.

Even though I had gone through some big and small challenges, the challenges I faced in high school were different. Because my parents were back in Korea, they were not able to help their son studying in the United States. Getting used to boarding school life was never easy for me. Boarding school was full of restrictions. There was always someone checking my room at 7:30 PM, and I had to go to detention when I was late for check-ins. The lights had to be turned off by 10:00 PM and WIFI was shut at night. The most painful thing was not being able to move freely. Because I needed permission to leave campus, I had to spend most of my time on campus. In addition to this strictly regulated lifestyle, I also struggled because there was no one next to me when I really needed a support. One day, I got a cold and called my dad and said, “Hey dad, I think I am sick.” I was expecting some warm response. However, my dad got mad at me and said, “Why are you sick? You have to study, and you do not have time to be sick.” I was so upset that even my parents were not pity when they heard that I was sick. However, I had to overcome such difficulties. At first, such changes were a big challenge for me. However, I reminded myself of the lesson I learned from the stock market. Instead of transferring back to Korea, I remained patient and tried what I could do and stayed strong. As a result, I was able to build stronger bonds with friends, because we all lived in a dorm. I also got lots of great memories that I would never forget.

From birth, we all go through some struggles. When I was young, getting up at 09:00 AM to go to kindergarten was a big challenge. When I was in school, homework and tests were challenges I faced daily. I was faced with greater challenges as I grew older. In the middle of college, I had to join the military that was mentally and physically demanding. However, I remained patient and did what I had to do. After overcoming each challenge, I always felt rewarded no matter how hard it was. Even though there are lots of big and small challenges throughout our lives, we have to be patient. The fruit that we get after challenges is much sweeter than the bitterness of such experience. However, when we give up, we will taste nothing but bitterness. Therefore, I believe in patience.